A team available for you

Our team, strong of 160 butchers, is available to you on demand.

Simple and efficient

Whether for a specific or regular need, you only have to send us your schedule and we take care of the rest.

Searching for a job ?

We are always looking for qualified, flexible and available staff.

A job placement agency specializing in the food industry

Our job placement agency specializes in the food industry, serving supermarkets, food processing plants and butcher shops. Recognized for the past few years in Quebec, Placements ExpressA Inc. stands out for its quality-focused job placement services. Talk to us if you want to recruit experienced butchers, fishmongers or meat packers.


For qualified staff that will meet the needs of your customers

Our team includes over 150 qualified professionals from various food industry occupations:



Meat packers

Other tailored professionals


Transparent and diligent


Placements are guaranteed


Experienced employees

Why Choose Us

We provide job placement services throughout the province of Quebec, including the Ottawa Valley. When you choose our services, you enjoy many benefits:

Turnkey service

In order to give you peace of mind, Placements ExpressA Inc. takes care of everything for you. Just provide us with your schedule, and you will get the right staff at the right times.

Temporary staffing based on your needs

Your team needs backup? You can get help from experienced staff in the timeframe of your choice – one day, one week, one month or three months – it’s up to you.

Meeting compliance standards

We are proactive when it comes to compliance, and make sure our 150 professionals are compliant with Quebec’s food industry requirements and placement agency regulations. All our processes are formalized.


Our employees stand out for their reliability and punctuality. Our team is one you can count on.

Handling emergencies rapidly

You have an emergency, one of your employees is a no show, and you need to quickly fill a vacancy? Contact us to cover a temporary need for a butcher, fishmonger or meat packer.

Guaranteed Job Placement

Placements ExpressA Inc. is confident in the reliability of its team. Since our employees are rarely absent from work, we provide a job placement guarantee, which is valid as soon as you choose our replacement services. In the event that a member of our team is absent and cannot be replaced, we will compensate you at 50% of the scheduled assignment.